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Interested in Our Training?

We will be more than happy to set up a meeting with you to dicuss the courses that we run and the First Aid needs of your particular organisation, with no obligation to you.

Alternatively, if you are already aware that First Aid cover is needed and would like to sign up for one of our courses, let us know and we can send out a course booking form straight away.

First Aid Courses can be arranged in two different ways -

1. By Request: If there are enough First Aid candidates in your organisation to justify running a course for only your employees (4 or more), then these courses can be set up at your convenience, either in-house or at an independant venue and at a time that best suits you.

2. By Arrangement: If, on the other hand, your organisation requires only 1-3 people to be trained, then we can help you tie their training in with that of people from another organisation. In this case, the venue would usually be independant, unless one of the organisations involved are happy to host the training in-house and allow outsiders to attend the course.

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