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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Course,
lasting 4 hours (excluding break)

A short but rewarding course which is aimed at existing First Aiders who have a requirement to become trained in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator, or AED. The picture below shows the Philips Heartstart Defibrillator, the model used on our course:

Course Price: £300+VAT for a six-person course, or £55+VAT per person for courses with fewer than six people. AED handbook included in both prices.

Certificate is valid for 1 year as recommended by the British Resuscitation Council.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) kills thousands of people every year and the ONLY treatment is an AED. Having an AED on your company site with First Aid staff trained in it's use can be a lifesaver.

Standard First Aid at Work Course, lasting three full days or 18 hours in total.
(excluding breaks)

An intensive course intended for new First Aiders or existing First Aiders whose certificates have expired. The course consists of a combination of lectures and practical work. We will provide each candidate with the latest edition First Aid Manual and a copy of the learning outcomes of the course. The certificate issued for showing the required level of competence in the final assessment is valid for three years.

First Aid at Work Refresher Course, lasting two full days or 12 hours in total.
(excluding breaks)

A challenging and intensive course for candidates with a valid First Aid at Work certificate. This course covers the core learning outcomes of the Standard course, and any techniques that have changed since the candidate took their last First Aid Course. There is also the added challenge of having to be familiar with all of the material covered in the Standard course - because anything can crop up in the final assessment. Again, we will provide the relevant course information and the latest edition First Aid Manual. The certificate issued is valid for three years.

N.B. It is no longer necessary to give four weeks advance
notice to HSE before running the above courses.

1 Day Emergency First Aid Course, lasting 6 hours in total
(excluding breaks)

If the workforce is small (50 or less) and the level of risk involved in their work is low then this course may be all that is needed for small companies to provide First Aid cover in the workplace. This is a one day course designed to introduce the candidate to basic First Aid skills. Also included are the HSE requirements regarding record keeping and looking after the First Aid box(es) in the workplace. There is no final assessment, candidates are continually assessed by the trainer. The certificate of basic competence issued is valid for three years.

While our primary customers are businesses, we also have the skills and the resources to run other types of First Aid Courses, eg Emergency First Aid or Paediatric First Aid. Should any members of the public wish to set up a course of this nature, please click the HERE for "Services II" or CONTACT US to find out about availability and price.