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1. Prices
1.1 Current Price Information

Full details of our current prices can be found at our website:

or they can be requested in print either by telephone:

or in writing from:
Hall First Aid Training
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15a Main Street
Linlithgow Bridge
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1.2 Price Accuracy

(a) All prices are correct at the time of publication, but we reserve the right to increase or decrease any and all of our prices in the future. In this case we will charge you the fee applicable on the date we receive your reservation.

(b) If you have received a quote in writing from one of our representatives for First Aid Training, then we will hold the price agreed for a period of six months.

1.3 Negotiation

In the event that a potential client requires an exceptionally large number of candidates to be trained (i.e. more than 12), we reserve the right to negotiate a price with them. This does not compromise the prices which we may be advertising or publishing at that time

2. Cancellations
2.1 Our commitment to you

Hall First Aid Training will endeavour to meet agreed dates and times for all courses, however we reserve the right to cancel / amend a course, date or start time.
2.2 Notification of our cancellation of a course.

Cancellation of a course will be given in writing. In circumstances beyond our control, a course may have to be cancelled at short notice. In all cases we will do our utmost to arrange suitable alternatives.

2.3 Cancellations (by you our client)

(a) When we receive the completed booking form, the course it relates to will be confirmed and our terms & conditions of contract will apply in full.

(b) Should you require to cancel a course which has been confirmed then you should inform us in writing at least four weeks prior to the Course start date.
In this case there will be no cancellation charge.

If you are unable to give four weeks notice of a cancellation, then the following charges will apply:

Less then one weeks notice - cancellation fee will be 100% of course fee.

Less than two weeks notice - cancellation fee will be 50% of course fee.

Less than four weeks notice - cancellation fee will be 25% of course fee.

Non attendance at course or Cancellation of Course on the day of its commencement will also result in the total course fee being charged

(c) In the event that a course is confirmed less than four weeks from the start date, then the following charges apply:

If you inform us in writing at least two weeks prior to the
start date then there will be no cancellation fee.

Less than two weeks notice will result in a
cancellation fee of 25% of the course fee.

Less than one weeks notice will result in a
cancellation fee of 75% of the course fee.

3. Payment

3.1 Payment for Training Services should be made by cheque where possible, and cheques should be made payable to Hall First Aid Training.

3.2 Invoices for Training Services are payable upon commencement of course. If payment is overdue by more than 30 days, a reminder will be sent out and will carry a £10.00 administration fee.

3.3 The fee for a group booking by a non-commercial organisation is confirmed upon return of the booking form. This will not be reduced in the event of non-attendance of a candidate, except at the sole discretion of Hall First Aid Training.

4. HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance

4.1 Hall First Aid Training are bound to follow the Health & Safety Executive Guidance for Training Organisations, in all matters relating to First Aid at Work Courses. Hall First Aid Training reserves the right to set the syllabus and content of all courses we offer which are not covered by the Health & Safety Executive Guidance for Training Organisations.

5. Appeals Procedure

5.1 All assessments on Hall First Aid Training courses are carried out by an independant assessor, who will have taken no part in the training on that particular course.

5.2 In the event that an assessor feels that a candidate has not quite proved their competence, the assessor may decide to consult with the trainer of the course before making a final decision. This is because there is a degree of continual assessment throughout the course and the assessor can ask the trainer for their opinion on the competence of the candidate in question. The trainer will have no say in the final decision of the assessor, however the assessor is allowed to take into account the opinion of the trainer before deciding on the competence of the candidate. This system is designed to offer a second chance to candidates who have shown a high level of competence throughout the duration of the course yet have done badly in the final assessment.

5.3 If a candidate has been deemed “not competent” and they feel that this decision is unfair, then they have the right to appeal. Appeals should be made in writing or by e-mail, and should include the name of the candidate, their company (if applicable) and the course reference number and the date of the assessment. This information will enable us to identify the assessment sheet(s) that was filled in by the assessor when the assessment took place. Appeals made in writing will be acknowledged within 7 working days, appeals made by e-mail will usually be acknowledged within 48 hours at the latest.

5.4 When an appeal has been received we will review the assessment sheets and meet with the assessor concerned to discuss the decision, and we will inform you of the outcome of this meeting. If the assessor stands by their judgement that the candidate was “not competent” and the candidate still disagrees then we can ask the Health & Safety Executive* to step in and review the case. In the event that matters come to this, the decision of the HSE is final.

*HSE intervention only applies to courses that fall under the jurisdiction of the Health & Safety First Aid Regulations 1981, ie First Aid at Work Courses or Appointed Person’s Courses. In the event that candidate competence is disputed on a course which falls outside HSE jurisdiction, ie an Emergency First Aid Course, then the decision of the assessor after review will be final.