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Dear Mr. Bobby Hall,

Your excellent First Aid Training saved a precious life yesterday and I am writing to give you the biggest 'Thank You!', and say how eternally grateful I am to you for the invaluable First Aid Training I have received over a number of years on your First Aid Courses especially aimed at Registered Childminders.

I have been a Registered Childminder since 1995, and apart from minor mishaps, bumps and bruises over the years I have been fortunate enough never to have experienced or had to deal with a major emergency whilst working with children; until now that is. I have attended quite a few of your First Aid Courses over the years, renewing my Certificate every three years.

Yesterday a three years old child in my care became very unwell, and because of Training received from you I quickly recognised 'Anaphylaxis' and was able to perform First Aid Procedures that have without doubt saved her life. The reaction she had was extreme and immediately life threatning; even though I felt quite shocked at how quickly her life became endangered I was able to put into practice everything you have taught me and I can't thank you enough. It is because of you, that by the time Paramedics arrived, her life was no longer in danger and they themselves praised the procedures that had been carried out; in fact they called back at the end of the day to say 'job well done'. I informed them that I had you to thank for that. Today feels quite surreal now that I've had time to reflect and I can't quite believe the experience; it isn't anything I'd wish on anybody. However, it's happend and the outcome is a happy three years old running rings around her mum and dad this morning recovering alot quicker from her experience than all of us.


My Fondest Regards,        

        Mrs. Alison Johnson